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Free pick-up Recycling program:
We offer free pick up and recycling of our products when you’re done. You’re welcome to recycle it or re-purpose it on your own, but if you don’t have the time or the means we’ll do it for you!
For banners, we’ve partnered with HP and use their HP Planet Partners Return and Recycling services
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We primarily use material that is certified:

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Let us help you advertise your Eco-friendly intent to your customers, clients or friends! 
To the extent we can, we use the most environmentally friendly and conscientious methods and materials in our process.  Recyclable-Recycled-Bio-degradable or simply the best way to leave as little of a carbon footprint as possible!  

To start, we use a 60″ wide-format HP Latex printer.  This technology eliminates the trade-offs between solvent and water-based inks.  Plus, no special ventilation is required!

Traditional printers use Solvent and UV inks, which require ventilation due to the fumes and odors that can cause health concerns.
HP Latex Inks offer odorless prints and there’s no need for ventilation!

  • Not only great performance and brilliant color, but durability!  Latex: comparable scratch, smudge and water-resistance.
  • Lower cost per copy & energy star rated!
  • Odorless prints– dry and ready-to-use right out of the printer
  • Low maintenance – no daily manual cleaning of print-heads, saving overhead costs – the print-heads are recyclable!
  • Environmental benefits – no hazard warning labels, no HAPs, nonflammable and non-combustible inks

Want to learn more about HP’s environmentally focus? Click for more details here.

Banner: All of our banner material is recyclable!  Whether outdoor pole flag/banners, retractable, hung or on a stand of any sort, we use strong material that holds up just like traditional vinyl but without the damage to the earth and without filling the landfills.

 (High Density Polyethylene) & Dupont Tyvek are the materials we use for traditional banner types. We use HP’s HDPE Reinforced Banner material for most outdoor and indoor applications.  This product is tough, lightweight and weather resistant with an 80% smaller carbon footprint than traditional PVC banner.
*All Banners come with sewn hem and include grommets  

Sihl Display Pro Latex film is the material we use for Retractable/Pop-up banners.

PET Recyclable Anti-curl Material: This material is PVC free and 100% recyclable.

(RIC #1)  *PET material is made up of plastic drink bottles*
For more information check out our Products page.

Falconboard: This material is an alternative to foam-core and is friendly to the earth. We use this for mounted prints and other applications.  FALCONBOARD® paper-based graphic display board is a smart choice for environmentally-responsible visual materials. It’s primarily made from renewable forest resources and is completely recyclable. 

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For digital prints, we use a Xerox production printer; which uses low VOC ink and recyclable cartridges. Xerox strives to be Eco-friendly in many of their practices, but you can check out more about their ink here.

Cardstock & Paper stock:  All of our material is at least 80% post-consumer recycled, but we strive for 100% when possible. We are always looking for more options to offer our customers that go from traditional white to RAW, uncoated and specialty. Stop by the shop to take a look at our options.

Did we also mention our paper supplier is local here in South Bend? We try to get our supplies, both large and small format, locally. Not only to limit truck exhaust from shipping, but also to promote growth within our city and local community.